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Wool Carpet Installation

Traditional runners. Keystone Rug CoIf you are considering having wool carpet installed in your home, there are a few differences between wool and synthetic carpet to be aware of, in terms of installation and maintenance. While synthetic carpet is the norm, opting for wool is a luxurious but realistic choice. It pays to know the differences and what to look out for.

When buying wool carpet, be aware that the installation method differs from that of synthetic materials. For many years now, synthetics have became much more popular, thus fewer installers are even aware of the differences. By using the current synthetic carpet installation methods, wool carpet can be installed wrongly. The problem, in particular, is being overstretched, thus leading to the material being weakened,which eventually leads to the carpet loosening and “bubbling” over time.

To avoid such problems, it is advisable to buy only from an established, reputable dealer and ensure that the installer is fully skilled in wool carpet. As wool carpets are now becoming more popular due to comparable pricing, longer lifespan and that it is a natural product and biodegradable, it is essential that you be aware of the differences in installation techniques to avoid any problems down the road.

Further, when it is time to have your carpet cleaned, again ensure that you hire a cleaner who has experience in cleaning wool carpet as the cleaning method also differs from that of synthetic carpets.

With these facts in mind, be assured that a wool carpet is far superior to any synthetic and you will be more than pleased with the feel, durability and retention of look for many, many more years than synthetics. If you want more information call the Keystone Rug Company for expertise and knowledge.

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