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Wool Carpet

wool carpet samples

Wooline wool carpet samples

Why wool carpet?

We have a wide range of wool wall-to-wall carpets available. Wool carpets are the most durable and easiest to maintain of the many varieties of materials available and are truly the most earth friendly, being made from natural materials,

For those who are particularly sensitive to chemicals and off-gassing, we have two ranges of completely chemical free carpets. As well as full installation, you may also order from us to have area rugs made from these carpets.

Wool Wall-To-Wall Carpet

Have you considered wool carpet for your flooring needs? For many years nylon and other man-made fibres have been used. However, with the increasing price of oil (from which most products are made) and concerns over off-gassing of chemicals, wool is now becoming more popular. A natural product of sheep, long lasting, easy maintenance, bio-degradable and with some products undyed, thus chemical free with no off-gassing, wool has many advantages over nylon.

Our line of wool carpet is a line called Wooline, manufactured in Europe and imported direct to B C, thus keeping costs to a minimum to give you pricing comparable to nylon. Do come into our store to view our wide range of wool carpeting and to let us give you a quotation for your flooring needs.

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