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Wall to Wall Wool Carpets

wool wall to wall carpetHome wall to wall carpet need not be synthetic. There are many options to the discerning home owner that extend beyond synthetic carpets and just as many reasons to consider installing these quality products.

Wool carpet is a more luxuriant feel under foot. This is the reason why many choose wool for bedrooms, whereas hardwood types of flooring are often installed in harder used areas, such as entries, living rooms and family rooms.

Although there have been major improvements to synthetic technology, wool still outlasts synthetics and looks better in the long terms, far longer than any synthetic. Wool retains its shape longer than synthetic carpets; wool doesn’t degrade in a noticeable way hiding the fact that it is wearing.

Here are the main benefits of choosing wool carpet over synthetic options:

  • Natural – Wool is better for the environment as its mostly biodegradable. Synthetic carpet is not biodegradable and usually thrown in landfills. Wool is a natural product from sheep and not chemical bi products of oil. The production of wool carpet is much greener.
  • Looks better in the long term – Wool doesn’t “ugly out”; it just fades away, but it takes a very long time to do so.
  • Maintenance of wool is much easier than synthetics. Vacuuming restores the pile and removes soil much easier than with synthetics.
  • Better for your health. Un-dyed wool offers the best green options as they off gas the least, compared with synthetic fibres.
  • Wool is safer for your home in the event of a fire. Synthetic carpets will burn readily and give off noxious fumes, endangering your life. Wool tends to smoulder but is not readily flammable.

One consideration for the installation of wool is that it is best installed by a knowledgeable craftsman and different than synthetic installations. Wool, as it is a natural product, has properties than must be considered and it is worth having a professional, knowledgeable store and installer to assist with the best options for your home. Often, when wool is installed incorrectly it might be overstretched. The backing can degrade faster as well as tension on seems can be problematic. Changes in relative humidity can cause the wool carpet to contract and expand, whereas synthetic carpet is more forgiving.

The Keystone Rug company offers a wide selection quality wool products. Their knowledgable staff can help with the best products to meet or exceed your expectations. They can help specify and install products that suite your decor and desire. Serving Victoria and surrounding areas, we can coordinate service to fit your timetable.

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