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Natural Chemical Free Wool

natural wool rug

Extreme Green Wool Rug

All Natural, Chemical Free Wool Carpet

For people who are sensitive to chemicals as well as those concerned about the environment, Keystone Rugs carries two lines of Extreme Green wool carpeting made from all natural products, one manufactured in Europe, the other in the United States.

Wool is a natural product and only pure undyed wool is used in the process of making these Extreme Green wool rugs. This material is soft, durable and naturally stain resistant, so no chemicals need be added in the manufacturing process. This wool is then woven onto a natural primary backing of hemp and cotton. The wool yarn is then glued to a secondary backing of jute which was commonly used in the industry before the introduction of man made fibres. Even the glue used in the process is a natural glue derived naturally from the rubber tree.

Despite belief to the contrary, wool is a superior product to man made fibres in the look, feel and durability of a flooring. It is also fire resistant, merely smouldering in a house fire as opposed to flaming as any man made fibre will do.

These two products are completely chemical free so are fully biodegradable. In addition, it is recommended that a natural rubber and jute underlay be used with any wool carpet.

These carpets can be used either fully installed or as an area rug to provide comfort and durability while not off-gassing chemicals, thus providing a safe environment for yourself and your family for years to come. Visit our show room and select from a wide selection of choices.

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