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Marine Carpet Installation

Specialty installations, including those for the marine environment, demand a higher quality of product, materials and installation. Yachts and motorized vessels have specific needs. Marine Carpet Installation is unique.

The marine environment dictates that the products be of a higher quality, however, the quality of the installation is more important. Each vessel is unique with odd shaped rooms. Nothing is ever square. Moving furniture around becomes difficult, and some fixtures often need to be disassembled.

Due to the varying angles and unique environment, marine Carpet Installation must be done by qualified and experienced installers to ensure the look and reduce waste.

We here at Keystone Rugs have many years of experience in such installations and would welcome your enquiries regarding your own vessel. Please do not hesitate to contact us, in particular by coming into our store in Victoria to view the products available and for us to come out to your boat to measure for quantity and discuss the requirements to ensure an excellent update of the interior for a pleasant and carefree boating experience.

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Our showroom is open Monday through Saturday.