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How to Order a Custom Tibetan Wool Area Rug

Many of our new customers have said that before they knew where to buy a high quality wool area rug, they were surprised to find out that one could oder a custom made Tibetan wool area rug, directly from Keystone Rug Company. In fact, there are very few stores in Victoria where you can purchase quality wool area rugs, and nowhere else can you have one custom made. There are the steps to order a custom made Tibetan rug, one which will be taller made, designed to your specific taste and size.

First, visit our store, located conveniently at 3198 Douglas Street, in Victoria. We have the actual rug samples and 160 wool colours to select from.

Next, choose your design and size. The patterns that can be made are endless as they can be designed based in anything you can imagine. The sizes are also completely custom. Almost anything that you could want can be made exactly to your specification. Typical rugs sizes are limited only to the size of the room.

Rugs are hand made by local artisans in Nepal with varying sized capacities and looms. Nepal remains one of the last places where custom made rugs of this calibre, can be made within acceptable turn around times. the wait time for a custom rug is approximately only 4 months.

The wool used in the construction of a Tibetan rug is from Himalayan sheep, which is actually a stronger fibre than other wool in any other part of the world. The fleece is more durable due to the regions altitude and weather conditions. This wool contains more lanolin which is the oily protective coating naturally covering all wool. The hight lanolin content produces a more stain resistant end product.

When you order a rug from Keystone Rug Company, you might be pleasantly surprised that you got exactly what you ordered – the size, design, colour – and in a timely manner. Visit us today and let us show you what is possible.


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