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Custom Rugs

Most area rugs are traditional ( in intricate patterns) or modern (with bolder patterns and colours) and made to a somewhat standardized size.

Our range of custom rugs can be made to suit your taste in colour and style and to your specification as to size and shape, including round.

These rugs are made from Himalayan wool, a thicker wool than normal, thus more durable and stain resistant. They are hand knotted in Nepal in the Tibetan style and, if required, can be highlighted in silk to increase the sheen and enhance the luxurious look and feel of your rug.

As local designers are becoming more aware of this option, they are turning increasingly to this choice as they are more easily able to match the décor of a room from the wide range of colour choices.

Do not hesitate to call into our store to see what is available from our selection of samples and our books of styles. Should you have a certain pattern or style in mind, we will be pleased to have our rug designer draw up a design of the rug for you and we are more than willing to assist you in this.

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Our showroom is open Monday through Saturday.