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Custom Made Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan rugTibetan rugs, hand knotted and made in Nepal, are custom made according to custom specifications. These hand made works of art are made to order and differ from those such as tribal rugs from areas such as Afghanistan in that they are designed based on a customers particular order.

Hand knotted rugs are traditionally made to last. They are not made with glue or synthetic materials of any kind. Rugs of this quality will last for generations and are passed down as valuable heirlooms.

Hand knotted rugs are in decline because they are made by fewer and fewer craftsman. They take a long time to create. There is usually a waiting period of between two and four months after an order is made and specification delivered. Tribal rugs are also in decline for many of the same reasons.

Tibetan rugs compliment hardwood floors particularly well, beautifying the space with warmth and character. They will not damage a hardwood floor, and don’t require a cushion or underlayment. The wool “breathes” and traps soil. They are easier to clean than synthetics and hide soils extremely well.

Design Your Own Tibetan Rug

The best feature of Tibetan rugs are that they are completely custom made. They are not constructed with tribal motifs, unless specified. Tibetan rugs are not necessarily traditional in design but are regarded as transitional patterns that are much more complimentary to modern design sensibilities.

Tibetan rugs can be made in any shape – round, rectangular, runners, octangular, even triangular – and in any size, colour, depth of pile.They come in a “60 knot” weight, which is heavier, as well as “100 knot” which is a finer depth. They also can be made with silk, combined with wool fibres. There are surprisingly very few stores that carry these types of fine quality rugs.

Visit Keystone Rug company and explore owning a truly exquisite rug, custom made for your home.


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