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Area Rug Construction

546661568_1280x720There are a multitude of different methods of rug construction so to simplify matters, we have broken these down into the following four categories:

1 Machine Made

Most machine made rugs are of synthetic fibres, in particular nylon, and are power loomed. Whilst such rugs may at first look attractive, they are not very durable and will soon lose their luster and show wear after a short time.

2 Hand Tufted

Made primarily from wool, these rugs are formed by punching yarn through a cloth backing, then being glued by latex onto a secondary backing to secure the yarn. Such rugs are plush, durable and attractive. This method of construction is becoming more widely used due to the shorter production time as compared to hand knotting. When considering the purchase of a tufted rug, , we recommend that you only purchase from a specialist rug dealer who has knowledge of the quality of manufacture  as such rugs have been known to dry out or off-gas if not made correctly.

A further note of caution is that it is not recommended that such rugs be placed on a floor with under floor heating without a proper rug underlay to avoid heat retention and subsequent drying of the rug.

3 Flat Weave Rugs

Usually of wool or cotton construction, these rugs are woven on a loom by threading the fibre through the warp. These rugs are thin, light, reversible and long-lasting.

4 Hand Knotted Rugs

Made mainly from wool or silk, these rugs are tied by hand on a loom, thus taking much longer to produce than any other method. Usually made in traditional patterns, these rugs are the highest in quality and durability and will enhance the look of a room for many years. Our custom rugs are produced in this fashion to suit your personal choice.

In view of the many differences in rug styles and construction, we recommend that you buy from a reputable rug dealer who will be able to guide you in the selection of a rug. Visit Keystone Rug Company today!

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